Fashion & Technology Today

Good morning and Happy Tuesday to all ! Are you craving a fashion & tech update just as badly as we are?

Today in our big city Mother Nature did not play nice. Trekking to work this morning in yet another snowstorm was a shocking situation.  All I could do was laugh as I walked through a blizzard of white, contemplating what the online buzz would be this morning.

And with that, I am happy to announce our latest lineup of the hottest Fashion & Tech stories in the news today :

DKNY Pairs With Awear Solutions In A Store- Wide ‘Easter Egg’ Hunt

Easter eggs in the form of ID chips are used to test a new App by Awear Solutions : a startup that’s out to digitize the offline world of fashion through a combination of hardware and mobile apps [Fashionista]

Could Insurance Cover Your Next Fitness Band?

Consumers and businesses will buy more than 111.9 million wearable computer devices by 2018. [InformationWeek]

Google Glass Available To The Public For One Day Only

Today, at 9am, American citizens fought for a spot in the Google Glass club for the small price of $1500 [Examiner]

Wearable Technology Is Here To Stay

Over three quarters of adults have heard of wearable technology, and the numbers who want to learn more are increasing rapidly. [business2community]

Fitness- Wear That Changes Color While You Work-Out Debuts At Cornell University Fashion Show

Cornell science students team up with Toronto- based Myant Capital Partners which specializes in smart fabrics to create innovative fiber outfits. [Syracuse]